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Plantation Shutters across Adelaide

As their name suggests, plantation shutters have originated in the American South, once home to large plantations of coffee, cotton and tobacco on sprawling farms and estates. With their wide slats, just a few per shutter, plantation shutters bring a touch of the vintage. And even in 2021, plantation shutters continue to remain in the style and choice of many homeowners. What’s not to like in a plantation shutter? It looks excellent, changes a room, adds value and upgrades the surroundings to a significant degree.

While plantation shutters have started with large slats and are made typically from timber, over the years, these shutters have evolved and even achieved certain sophistication, thereby finding them adorning the homes of many. Plantation shutters these days come in timber, in PVC shutters with an aluminium core and in aluminium shutters that have proven themselves to be excellent choices for outdoor spaces. Plantation shutters in Adelaide continue to enjoy much popularity, and Simply Shutters and Shades would be the best place for you to get them for your home.

A Great Addition for Your Home

Our plantation shutters Adelaide combines beautiful form and function to bring to your home graceful window treatments that are worth the money. Our plantation shutters have a broad range of colours and styles, apart from the classic white and natural wood-brown models, that are sure to suit a wide variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. There are also a diverse selection of products available, e.g., plastic, timber, aluminium. All our models enable varying degrees of light filtering to suit your exact needs.

Plantation shutters in Adelaide are great at temperature control and noise control. They lower the outside noise to an appreciable degree and offer good insulation to homes and offices, whatever may be the season. All other shutters merely offer functionalities; plantation shutters combine it with aesthetics, bringing a touch of superior class and style. There is nothing quite like a bedroom or any room for that matter, with the morning light filtering in just right through the slats of plantation shutters.

Multipurpose Plantation Shutters

Our plantation shutters come in both varieties: sliding and hinged, and are excellent choices for doorways and windows. Plantation shutters can be multifunctional and can double as room dividers in large spaces. You can transform your kitchen into a trendy restaurant with our wonderful buffet benches made from repurposed plantation shutters. Plantation shutter buffet benches can never be out of place or go out of style indoors or outdoors.

Our plantation shutters in Adelaide have both motorised and manual options, offering a great deal of convenience. You would never have to get up from your couch with the motorised version or get out of your beds to open or close the shutters.

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If you are looking to bring some style into your home, we suggest that you look no further than our Adelaide plantation shutters range. We have a full range of framing options and different blade sizes to fit your needs perfectly. Call us today at 0401 384 707 or 0422 985 781 or request a quote for a home makeover you would be most happy about!