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Roller Shutter Repairs Adelaide

A roller shutter’s life expectancy depends upon the number of cycles it performs in its lifetime. Some of the reasons why roller shutters break down are an accumulation of rust, lack of proper maintenance, lodging of foreign objects, battery breakdowns and general repairs from use. Over time, they can also become dirty and brutal to use. Despite the sturdy build of home fixtures and window and door treatments, unpredictable weather can sometimes wreak havoc on roller shutters, blinds, screens and outdoor shutters. At the same time, general wear and tear also compromises their quality.

Our Expert Teams for Roller
Shutters Repairs

For the best roller shutters repairs in Adelaide, you can rely on Simply Shutters and Shades and our engineers’ expertise and experience. We offer shutter installation and repair services for domestic and commercial clients throughout Adelaide. Whatever may be the reason for the breakdown of your roller shutters, we are confident that our technicians will be able to diagnose why and carry out swift repairs or offer other suitable options that are both affordable and reliable. We undertake all kinds of repairs, including replacement and repairs of parts, winder boxes, batteries and motors.

Cost-Effective and Quality
Roller Shutter Repairs

Has the warranty on your roller shutters expired? Please worry not, as our Adelaide roller shutter repair teams are here to provide superior service at affordable costs. Simply Shutters and Shades takes up repairs of both manual and electric shutters of all makes and types, and not necessarily products of our own making. Our technicians carry out a comprehensive diagnosis to establish where the defect lies and execute the required repairs, reinstallations and maintenance services quickly and efficiently.

Slat Replacements and
Colour Changes

Rolling shutters slats get damaged for various reasons and not just due to lack of maintenance. However, they can be easily replaced. Our staff will inspect the shutter to identify broken or damaged slats and will prepare to remove and replace the broken parts.
Is the colour of your roller shutter not working out for you anymore? We will repaint it according to the colour and pattern of your choice! We will also carry out repainting works on shutters that have been damaged, chipped or faded from use.

General Repairs

Roller shutters are quite complex systems that can wear down with repeated use, resulting in them breaking down at the most needed or inconvenient times. However, we suppose that there never is a convenient time for them to break down at all. Whether it is trouble with the winder boxes, motor conversions or general motor repairs, we undertake all kinds of repairs. From battery conversions to battery replacements to applying fixes big or small and carrying out emergency repairs, your safety is our priority, and we will offer the best of our services to ensure speedy repair and restoration of your roller shutters.

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Simply Shutters and Shades takes pride in being of service to Adelaide’s residents and is dedicated to providing roller shutter repair services whenever you need them. If you need urgent repairs for your roller shutters, reach out to us today on our website or call us at 0401 384 707 or 0422 985 781, and we will be right there to fix them; for you!